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Terms of Business

1. The purchaser of a magic article undertakes to respect the code of honor of all magicians in the world and to keep the secret entrusted to him / her and never to disclose it, however simple this secret may seem. People who have other intentions with our products than to “entertain” their audience with magic may be at risk for damages.

2. After all, we trust that the purchaser of our products will love magic. The descriptions of the effects are written from the spectators' point of view. However simple a trick may be, it is never “automatic”. He who exhibits an effect must not only make the effort to master its operation and practice it thoroughly, but also to “inspire” his audience.

3. All our prices include 21% VAT. Books include 6% VAT. If you would like an invoice, please send us your details by e-mail stating your address, your company name and your VAT number. We can send you this invoice by e-mail (PDF) or by post.

4. How to order? Like most online stores, our system works with a shopping cart like in the supermarket. Before going to the checkout, however, choose the products and their quantity by clicking the “ORDER NOW” button. Immediately you will see in the shopping cart what you have ordered as well as the total price. Did you make a mistake or do you want to change something about your list: no problem, you can change this by clicking the “edit” button. You can of course also continue shopping. When you have finished your order, click on "CHECKOUT". You will be asked in advance to fill in your details: name, address, etc. Then you must enter which payment method you prefer.

5. How to pay? You can choose from the following options:

Bank transfer:

If you live in Belgium, transfer the amount to our account number at the Kredietbank (KBC):
BE42 7310 5004 0554 in the name of TABASCO MAGIC, Prins Albertlei 21, 2600 Antwerp (Berchem), Belgium

If you are making the bank transfer from another European country, please provide the following information:

TABASCO MAGIC, Prins Albertlei 21, 2600 Antwerp (Berchem), Belgium. Bank account: IBAN BE42 7310 5004 0554. BIC: KREDBEBB



Credit Card


this option is a very secure global payment system that allows you to pay quickly. You must create a PayPal account in advance by entering your e-mail address and credit card details. See: or on the site of your country> e.g.

The e-mail address that you must enter for payment to TABASCO MAGIC is:

After your payment you will automatically receive confirmation of your payment by e-mail.

Shipping costs: It is the buyer who bears the shipping costs. The costs for shipping at home and abroad apply to packages up to 2 kg. For higher weight shipments we will contact you and calculate the adjusted price as it varies from country to country:

Belgium: € 6

Canada: € 24

Denmark: €16

Germany: € 11

France: € 12

Greece: € 24

Hungary: € 18

Ireland: € 20

Israel: € 26

Italy: € 18

Croatia: € 26

Luxembourg: € 10

Monaco: € 16

Netherlands: € 10

Norway: € 24

Austria: € 16

Poland: € 18

Portugal: € 19

Romania: € 25

Russia: € 26

Serbia: € 24

Slovenia: € 17

Slovakia: € 17

Spain: € 19

Czech Republic: € 17

Turkey: € 22

U.K.: € 12

U.S.: € 20

Sweden: € 19

Switzerland: € 22

SHIPPING IN THE NETHERLANDS (BELGIUM) is usually done with B-Post. You pay € 7 for an insured shipment. In that case, a signature is required upon delivery. Please state this additionally with your order.

SHIPMENTS ABROAD can be done depending on the country, with B-Post, Post NL, DPD or DHL

Each package that we ship is provided with a unique P-barcode (package barcode). With the help of this barcode we can always request the status of your package via the online tracking system. This way we know where your shipment is at any time. The chance that a package will still be lost is very small. When it concerns a small shipment that fits in a special envelope, the normal postal rate is applied, which usually comes to less than € 5.

Purchases exceeding € 90 (+) are only shipped free of charge in Belgium if paid via our bank account, not via PayPal.

As a rule, shipping is paid together with the purchase of the product. In any case, the shipment will only take place after payment for the product and shipment.

Shipping: After we have received your payment via the system you have chosen, your order will be shipped as soon as possible. If the product is not in stock, we will notify you immediately. If the destination address would differ from the address you provided at the time of payment, you must inform us (by email or telephone), otherwise your order will be sent to the payment address.
Packaging and shipping is done by us with the greatest care, after each product has been individually checked. This means that we are not responsible for damage that would be caused during transport. You can take out insurance against this (see above) with B-Post as well as with any private courier service.

Once your order has been shipped, it cannot be exchanged or replaced.

By sending your order you agree to our General Terms and Conditions and the electronic storage of your personal data. We consider this information to be strictly confidential and will never be communicated to third parties for commercial purposes.

Only very exceptionally (cases of force) can we take back a sent package on the condition that the package HAS NOT BEEN OPENED!

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