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Tabasco you say? The pepper, the sauce, the coastal land that is Mexico?

No, sir, TABASCO MAGIC! Magic for magicians? Hot magic for (hot) magicians? Yes!

Because we have been part of this unusual but fascinating scene for many years, we feel the urge to finally present our fellow magicians with interesting, amazing, ingenious, good looking and reliable magic tricks and accessories.

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Freddy Coppens


Why Tabasco Magic?

Faced with an enormous supply, we want to be a place where new products are tried and tested to see what their effect is and how useful they are before they are offered to all. Where ideas are exchanged and tried out and where new effects can come into being…

As the apparel does not make the man, so much less do the accessories make the magician. The device does not make or break the magician, but the magician himself.

He is "the master of ceremony", not his gloves or shiny shoes, no matter how magnificent they look. But still…a real magician doesn’t work with faded cloth or crumpled tricks.

A real magician has style and class and although he knows that the one creating the illusion is himself and not the attributes, he is not an every day actor who works with merely his voice and body. He is always carrying something: a deck of cards, a dove, a banknote or ring belonging to a member of the audience…

And it is for that magician, for you, that we started this adventure. We want to get the slightly more special magic trick off the higher shelf and present it to you. The choice is yours, we can only offer.

Over the years, the modest collection has grown into an assortment of several thousand products! And whether or not we will be able to continue obviously does not only depend on us.

We have not only a webshop but also a physical shop in Antwerp (Berchem) / Belgium. Always welcome on appointment. See further under CONTACT.

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